Día de los Muertos

Friday, October 28, 2011 34 comments
Halloween festivities are in full swing! The newest lookbook from Planet Blue is sure to get you in the mood and wake up the spirits around us.

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Summer Ghost

Tuesday, October 25, 2011 26 comments
I'm not usually one to feature editorials. After seeing this November 2011 Vogue Paris editorial, "Never Mind" starring the gorgeous Natasha Poly and Sasha Pivovarova, that is about to change. This beautiful and chilling beachy shoot along the autumn coast, photographed by the oh-so-talented Mario Sorrenti and styled by Emmanuelle Alt, gives us that one last breath of summer air. I love the subtle pastels and washed away editing - it's like the ghost of summers past is still lingering along the coast waiting for us until next year.

Sirens of the Sea

Thursday, October 20, 2011 62 comments
Jewelry designer Nettie Kent was a Mermaid in another life. Born on Martha's Vineyard to an artist and a librarian, she was called to the art of the sea from an early age. Her bohemian upbringing and addiction to the ocean is evident in her organic jewelry creations. After getting a degree in fine arts, and studying painting in Mexico and Italy, Kent moved to New York and found herself wanting to work outside the two-dimensional. Although she had no formal training, she experimented in metal smithing and sculpture. In 2008, her line was born. Her influence in organics is obvious. Her jewelry appears to be crafted by the sea - bronze necklaces in the shape of coral, silver arrows that are washed by the tide. Here are some of my favorites from a range of collections.

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Dark Heart, Forest Eyes

Monday, October 17, 2011 48 comments
I've got eyes for 'The Big Comedown 2011' by Stolen Girlfriends Club. In this season's line, artist Karl Maughan contributes seductive floral prints and patterns evoking midnight garden strolls to the rock edge of SGC. The bright fantasy landscapes contrast with the dark tones and touches of leather, dividing the line into two parts of intensity. The first, the forest florals and fantasy gardens convey the 'heightened sensitivity of being in love' while the dark midnight tones and leather embellishments present the moment when love is gone. You can actually feel the mood speaking from the silk. I want everything.

Keep your eyes peeled for the website and e-store coming soon!

Daydream Nation

Thursday, October 6, 2011 64 comments
I'm tired of Fall being defined by brown, beige and grey. As if the weather isn't depressing enough, the lack of color in the F/W wardrobe brings even more despair. The new LF Stores Fall 2011 lookbook, Daydream Nation, is helping me cope with the colder weather. I love the chunky knits with pops of metallics and neons. Glad to see that some colors of summer are here to stay. Here are my favvies!

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