Saturday, July 28, 2012
Science fiction, mythology, tribalism, futurism and ancient ruins combine in Carly Margolis's beautiful handcrafted jewelry line.

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Mary Kapsi at: July 28, 2012 at 10:29 AM said...

Amazing rings!
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Katie Frank at: July 29, 2012 at 3:38 AM said...

wow amazing!

Rea at: July 29, 2012 at 5:58 PM said...

love the combination of all the above! I'm exeptionaly obsessed with mythology!

Callahan Brooks at: August 4, 2012 at 2:24 AM said...

Represents the inspiration behind these pieces perfectly! x

This is LN at: August 19, 2012 at 3:38 PM said...

I absolutely love your style and reading your blog ! Such great inspiration ! I am a new blogger and would love for you to check out my blog and follow back if you like it !

Callahan Brooks at: August 22, 2012 at 5:21 AM said...

Missed all the jewellery you always discover, just been looking through it all, some beautiful pieces! x

Janet Mandell at: September 5, 2012 at 5:47 AM said...

What a great eclectic unique beautiful pieces!!! Nice!!!!

LOVE your blog!!!

Follow each other???

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go cry wolf at: September 8, 2012 at 5:31 PM said...

love your blog!

stop by sometime?

i'm a 17 year old aspiring photographer:

xx rena.

Cheska at: September 25, 2012 at 8:53 AM said...

stunning, love everything about these, especially those rings! x

Borjana at: September 26, 2012 at 1:07 PM said...

I just can't take my eyes off!Seriously,babe!;)

FashionFreak/Mihaela at: September 29, 2012 at 5:12 AM said...

Great post^^I love your blog :)


I'd love to follow you, if you do the same for me.

mumtaz at: November 10, 2012 at 4:34 PM said...

big fan of all for the mountain. recently discovered you through pinterest and I'm a HUGE fan of your blog! Keep up the excellent work.

mumtaz at: November 10, 2012 at 4:37 PM said...

P.S. I'm miserable at maintaining my blog (very good at the pinterest, however!) so don't be offended if i don't follow you via blogspot but you are bookmarked.

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